HaLong Bay

HaLong Bay – July 2016

Vietnams number 1 tourist attraction, and for good reason! the scenery is absolutely breath taking, and if you can drag yourself out of bed at 5:30AM, sunrise over HaLong Bay is not something you will easily forget.

Prices can be high to cruise HaLong Bay, but usually local pick up / drop off is included as well as all meals and excursions when on board.

We booked onto the Aphrodite Supreme Cruise through and we would fully recommend the service, it was one of the more luxurious of ships and couldn’t be faulted. The staff at organised everything, including our visa’s into Vietnam. Once on board, the food was amongst the best we have ever tasted (and that’s saying something!), and when our flight to DaNang was unexpectedly pulled forward by 2 hours, the staff on board did everything they could to get us to the airport on time, including a private speedboat ride to get us back to shore on time.

Different tour operators offer different excursions, ours included 3 main activities:

  • A guided tour into caves inside one of the islands, we had the option to wander off on our own if we wanted but Mary was really interesting.

  • Kayaking through a cave, which then opened up to a massive private lake. The battery died on our GoPro here so we didn’t get any photos, Typical!
  • A climb to the summit of Ti Top island followed by a swim to cool off, which was defiantly needed after all those steps.

Cons: Being Vietnams number 1 tourist attraction means crowds! There are dozens of ships out in the bay at any one time, and as Vietnams tourism industry grows, HaLong Bay is at risk of becoming completely over run with tourists. Our advice is don’t wait, get there as soon as possible!

I would recommend HaLong bay to anyone visiting Vietnam, it’s not a sight to be missed and is up there as one of my best experiences ever.


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