Day trip to Silves – Portugal 

Silves is a tiny town in the Algarve, Portugal. It’s slightly inland meaning it’s a million times quieter than its beach neighbors. The train from Lagos takes approximately 30 minutes and costs €5.80 for a return ticket, making it a perfect for a day trip. 

Trains aren’t very regular so check for the latest time tables. 

It was really cloudy the day that we were there but it suited us because we ended up doing a lot of walking while we were here. 

It’s about a 15-20 minute walk from the train station to the centre of Silves. (As you leave the train station just follow the main road uphill) As you come around the corner the first thing you will see is the small open being looked over by an imposing castle, Castelo de Silves. Entrance costs €2.80.

We had made sandwiches in the apartment and brought them with us so we didn’t stop for lunch, but there were quite a few nice looking cafes around the castle.

It didn’t take very long to look around the town centre, and after buying the obligatory post card for Grandma we headed out into the orange farms for a nice long walk. (Didn’t steal any, HONESTLY! :))

We walked up the first dirt path and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight, after a few hours and what seemed like 40 miles (actually only 8) we returned to the town for a well earned coffe at Cafe E Companhia, I didn’t give in to the passion fruit cheesecake but regretted it all the way home, it looked incredible!

In summary, Silves was a great day out, the castle is a must see and the surrounding country side is beautiful, but it is a sleepy little village, I probably wouldn’t want to stay any longer than 1 day. 

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