Cost and Other Useful Information – Sri Lanka

Getting Around: The public transport system in Sri Lanka is great, busses and trains are super cheap and run regularly. There isn’t always a fixed schedule for the busses so ask the day before at the bus terminal if you can.

Accommodation: We were in Sri Lanka for 25 nights and spent an average of £21.55/night staying in basic B&B’s. I booked everything on We could have done it much cheaper if we stayed in roomies without A/C.

Food: Can be really expensive or absolute pennies depending on where you eat. Stick to western food and it will quickly add up, local dishes are as low as £1.

When to visit: We visited during wet season, (July). It was absolutely fine, we did have a few days of rain in Galle but nothing too bad. It is as really easy to get a room and most of the beaches where deserted.

Visa: If your traveling from UK (see website for full list of who will require visas) then you will need to buy an electronic visa (ETA) for Sri Lanka. They cost $35/pp and are valid for 30 days. It only takes 5 minutes to apply online and your guaranteed a response within 24 hours, although it only took 15 minutes for our approvals to come through. Apply online at

Vaccinations: At the time of writing (July 2017) there are no vaccinations required.

Money: The currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan rupee. ATM’s were easy to find everywhere we went. Exchange rates in June 2017 below:

£1 (GBP) = ₨198.48 (LKR)

$1 (USD) = ₨152.79 (LKR)

€1 (EUR) = ₨170.74 (LKR)

Summary: Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest places we’ve ever traveled, for 25 nights we spent a grand total of £1,465, that’s just £59 per day. We could’ve saved much more but we still wanted a little bit luxury along the way.

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