Getting to Maafushi – Maldives

I struggled to find up to date information on public ferry timetables to Maafushi, I’ve written this quick post with links to the official government schedules.

To get to Maafushi first you need to get to Male, when you exit the airport the ferry will be directly opposite from you. It leaves every 10-15 minutes and takes 10 minutes. A one day ticket costs Rf10.

It will drop you of at the north east corner of the island, the Villingili Ferry terminal (to get to Maafushi) is on the south west corner of the island.

There are plenty of taxis if you’re in a rush or have massive backpacks. We decided to walk because we had absolutely ages before the ferry, it took us about 45 minutes.

There are two routes to Maafushi, the 310 only runs 3 times per week and is direct to Maafushi. Click HERE for the latest schedule.

The 311 runs everyday except a Friday, it makes one stop at Gulhi before it gets to Maafushi. Click HERE for the latest schedule.

Both routes take about the same time and can vary between 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on sea conditions. A one way ticket costs Rf22.

I haven’t written any times or days on this post in case they change, wouldn’t want you to be standing waiting for a ferry that never comes because I’ve given you out of date information! Please click on the links above for the latest details.

Note: The sea can get very rough, on our way to Maafushi the sea was perfect and calm, on the way back however it was pretty terrifying, make sure you have sea sickness tablets, you will need them!

The boats will be cancelled if conditions are bad enough so make sure you have plenty of room in your itinerary to allow for last minute changes.

Hope you found this useful. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments box.

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