Cameron Highlands – Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands is the highest point above sea level in mainland Malaysia, the area is know for farming and it’s the only place in Malaysia where strawberries can be grown, the climate is perfect for all year round picking.

What To Do:

Obviously you can’t visit the Cameron Highlands without stopping at one (or ten) of the many many strawberry farms that make the area so famous. Apart from picking your own strawberries, the farm shops and cafes also sell strawberry flavoured treats like muffins, pancakes, milkshakes and even the Great British classic, the cream scone.

The area is also popular with hikers and walkers, the many trails around Tanah Rata offer walks of various difficulties and length, with a few waterfalls scattered along the way. Just remember to have plenty of bug repellent with you.

The night market on the Golden Hills (Sat/Sun) is the perfect place to people watch. It’s also a chance to try some amazing street food including chocolate dipped strawberries and locally produced honey. We were here 2 nights running.

The BOH tea farm and factory is one of the biggest in the world and it’s completely free to enter, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the rolling tea fields from the glass viewing deck outside the factories cafe.

The butterfly and insect farm just past Brinchang was a lot more interesting than I expected. Tickets are only RM7 and a guide will place butterflies all over you while providing interesting and entertaining facts.

Just down the road to the butterfly farm is a bee farm. It’s free to enter although you will spend a few Ringgits on honey in the gift shop on the way out. I’ve never tasted honey so good, we ate it straight from the tube!

A little further away is the Rose Garden, entry is RM4 which basically covers the upkeep of the massive garden. The smell was like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. If your passing and have 20 minutes to “stop and smell the roses” then I certainly recommend it.

It’s worth booking at least one day trip while your in the Cameron Highlands, the farm country is very spread out and the price of taxis can soon add up. A day trip can start at as little as RM25 where your guide is a glorified taxi driver and they will take you to up to 8 places per day. We used C&S Travel, the driver was great and told us lots of interesting facts while driving from one place to the next.

Getting There:

Getting to the Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur couldn’t be easier, there is a direct bus 10+ times per day to Tanah Rata (the main tourist town in the Cameron highlands). Bus tickets are RM35 each way and can be pre-booked online at The journey takes 4 and a half hours including a 30 minute break.

Where To Stay:

We rented an apartment in the Golden Hills area, which is in between two main towns (Tanah Rata and Brinchang). The whole golden hills area is a fairly new development with lots of building work still going on. It’s a bit out the way but the whole reason for visiting the Cameron highlands is to go walking after all.

What Else You Need To Know:

Unlike the rest of Malaysia, the Cameron highlands gets really cold, especially at night. We are from the north of England and still thought our apartment was uncomfortably cold. Make sure to pack some warm clothes.

Also, it rains almost every single day. Pack waterproof clothes and an umbrella. The highlands are still just as pretty in the rain.

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