Langkawi – Malaysia

Malaysian nationals flock to the island of Langkawi for their summer holidays, the island is duty free making it a cheap destination.

Things To Do:

Langkawi is famous for its long perfect beaches and calm warm waters. The beach at Pantai Cenang is lively both day and night. Water sports during the day and beach bars with fire dancers at night. The beach does get busy but if you head to the north end close to the Meritus Resort it’s practically empty.

When it’s raining (which it did a lot during our stay) the aquarium is a really good place to spend a few hours. It’s massive and tickets cost RM46.

The Cable Car is the steepest in the world and is Langkawi’s number one attraction, it’s easy to see why. The views from the top are beautiful, especially on a clear day (it’s a bit of a waste if it’s a really cloudy day). Tickets cost RM55 and include entry to the 3D museum while your waiting for your time slot. The museum was actually really good fun. Once your at the top you can pay an extra RM5 to walk to the sky bridge.

500m from the cable car taxi stand is a massive waterfall, ask your driver to point you in the right direction. You will know your going the right way because there are a few shops at the bottom of the stairs. Half way up is a turnoff for the bottom of the waterfall, and if you walk all the way to the top of the stairs you will reach the top of the waterfall, there are 7 pools at the top where swimmers can relax and take in the breathtaking view.

If you come to Langkawi by boat you will arrive at the Kuah Jetty where a massive eagle greets passengers. If you come by plane then you will need to take a taxi to Kuah. The eagle is the national bird of Langkawi, except to see quite a few flying about during your visit. After taking plenty of selfies you can relax in the shade at the fairytale park next door. There are sculptures throughout the park that represent local legends, and they have plaques next to them so that visitors can read the whole story.

On a Thursday night there is a street market (close to the rainbow lodge), we always eat at local markets, they are the best and cheapest place to try local food, there also really good for people watching.

Day Trips To Take:

The cheapest and most popular day trip is a 4 hour island hopping cruise, there are so many different companies offering the same thing that I lost count. You can go morning or afternoon and it costs RM30 including hotel pick up. The first stop is the island of the pregnant maiden, it’s rumoured that any female who swims in the lake will be pregnant within 1 year. The second stop is to feed the eagles, fish are thrown from the boat to attract hundreds of the magnificent creatures. The third and final stop is on a tropical beach.

The second tour I would recommend is the Mangrove Tour, again, there are various stalls along the main road where you can book your tour the night before. We booked with Baron for RM90 including hotel pick up. It’s a full day tour with 9 different stops, including the famous Kilim Geopark sign and lunch at a floating restaurant. This was my favourite of our 10 days in Langkawi.

Getting Around:

There aren’t any buses on Langkawi but all the taxis are fixed price and are displayed on a board at the taxi stand. Example prices (one way) from Pantai Cenang are:

Cable Car – RM35

Airport – RM25

Kuah – RM30

Getting There:

We flew to Langkawi from Penang, the flight was only 35 minutes and cost £20 each. The ferry from George Town is quite a bit cheaper but takes longer and I’d heard that it can be a very rough crossing on a bad day. I’d been really sea sick in the Maldives and wasn’t ready to brave another long boat journey.

Where To Stay:

The majority of activity is located in the Pantai Cenang area, we stayed in a bungalow at the rainbow lodge, a 5 minute walk behind the main strip and 10 minutes to the beach. The bungalow had everything we needed to feel like home and we would certainly stay there again. We paid £28/night on

Anything Else:

The whole island is duty free which means that you can pick up some great bargains. There are lots of blogs that mention the duty free stores in the “top things to do in Langkawi”. But really, they all sell exactly the same thing and are very similar in price, don’t waste time going from shop to shop. The island is just too beautiful to waste your time here shopping. (But that’s just my opinion 😀.)

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