Malacca – Malaysia (Planning a Trip)

There was so much to write about Malacca that I’ve separated it out into two posts, this one is all about planning your trip and everything you need to know, the other half is what to do once you get there, click HERE to read.

Malacca (also known as Melaka) was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2008, its old buildings, winding river and Catholic Churches give it a very European feel, they even have a windmill at Dutch Square.

How Long To Stay:

Malacca has a lot to offer, I would recommend spending 3 to 5 nights there, or longer if you plan on relaxing a bit while your there.

If you’re short on time then there are various tour companies in KL offering day trips, you won’t see everything in one day but it’s enough to glimpse the “main” attractions.

We talked to one girl in Borneo who only had time for a day trip and she only paid half the price advertised online by just showing up at the ticket counter the same morning. (But you won’t be guaranteed a seat so this may be a risky option during peak times e.g., Saturday/Sunday.)

Getting There:

Buses from Kuala Lumpur leave about 15 times per day and only take about 2 hours. We pre-booked seats on for just RM10 each. (Buses also run directly to and from Singapore, travel time is 5 hours and costs about RM35.)

Once your at the main bus station in Malacca a taxi to the centre will cost between RM20 to RM25.

You can fly to Malacca from Langkawi or Penang but only on certain days of the week, check for latest prices and times.

Where To Stay:

We stayed just outside the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Hotel Sentral Melaka, rooms were decent and there was a rooftop pool (which was always empty – perfect). It was about a 15 minute walk to the main tourist centre.

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