Malacca – Malaysia (Things to do)

There was so much to write about Malacca that I’ve separated it out into two posts, this one is a full list of all the fun things to see and do in Malacca, the other half is everything else you need to know to plan a great trip, if you haven’t already read it click HERE for some good tips.

There are my favourite things to do in Malacca:

1. Get a Good View:

When it comes to getting a great view of Malacca you have 3 options:

The Sky Tower – RM25

The Menara Taming Sari – RM23

St Paul’s Church – FREE

You can actually get as far as the 41st floor at the sky tower before you need to pay on the 42nd floor. The view isn’t 360 degrees but we saved RM50!

St Paul’s is the remains of a 1521 church built at the top of a hill. It gives great views of the city and the ocean beyond. The church itself is also a stunning piece of history.

2. Visit a Museum:

If you only visit one museum in Malacca, make it the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum. It’s a traditional house which as been converted into a museum and the RM16 entrance fee includes a 1 hour guided tour. Tours start each hour on the hour except 12:00 and 13:00 when the museum is closed for lunch.

The old palace next to A’Famosa is another really good museum, the exterior of the building is an attraction in itself. Entrance is only RM5.

3. Pretend You’re In Europe:

Malacca is sometimes referred to as the Amsterdam of Asia, the central river with its cobbled stone walkways and ornate bridges certainly feel like Amsterdam. Enjoy the view at one of the many outdoor coffee shops or take a 45 minute cruise from the jetty at Taman Rempah. Tickets are RM15 during the week and RM21 on a weekend, boats leave every 20 minutes.

Dutch Square built in 1640 is a major tourist hotspot, (which unfortunately means that it’s busy all day long). The square is home to the oldest Catholic Church outside of Europe, the Christ Church. The whole area has a distinct European feel, there is even a windmill and a water fountain.

4. Relax (Or Not):

The 1956 Mr Universe champion was born in Malacca. There are statues of Mr Gan Boon Leong dotted about the city, the most famous one being on Jonker Walk. At the end of the road there is a gym named after him with another 4 statues outside, you can’t miss it. Entrance is RM5 per day, go in a lift a weight just to say that you have trained in the same gym as Mr Universe.

After all that weight lifting, (or even if you just sat and watched like I did), a massage is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Wang Yan is just off Jonker Walk and offers the most amazing foot reflexology for just RM26.

5. Eat A Lot:

The weekend market runs every Fri/Sat/Sun from 18:00 till late. It takes up the whole length of Jonker walk and the road is completely closed to traffic. It gets super busy and the market is one of Malacca’s main attractions. You can buy anything from clothes to souvenirs and lots of food. The oyster stand is one of the busiest in the market, 4 huge oysters for just RM16, definitely worth standing in line for.

For the most amazing homemade ice cream go to Shong Fa’s, it’s a tiny little place that’s not even on Google maps, it’s on Jalan Hang Kasturi (just off Jonker walk). It’s certainly worth hunting out, the taste is amazing and it’s only RM1.

There are lists of small cafes dotted all around Malacca serving cheap local food, most meals start at RM6 and they are all amazing, stay away from KFC and try some proper Malaysian dishes while your here.

6. Anything Else I’ve Missed:

The floating Mosque is about a 45 minute walk from the city centre, it’s not actually floating but appears to be at high tide. It’s located on an island which is currently nothing but a massive building site (I would love to come back in 5 years to see how it all turned out). There are no shops on the way so make sure you have a bottle of water with you, there is a drinks stall in the Mosque car park once you get there.

A’Famosa is all that remains of of the 1511 built Portuguese fortress, it was mainly destroyed by the British in 1807.

Hope you found this useful.

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