Jakarta – Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia on the island of Java, isn’t very touristy, we only saw a handful of other westerners. The local people were very friendly and we lost count of how many people asked for a selfie with us. Sean was even interviewed for a local college newspaper.

How Long To Stay:

There are some very nice parts to Jakarta, but it is just like any other big city. My advice is to have a quick look around then leave, one day is certainly enough, and there are so many nicer parts to Indonesia that are worth more of your time.

Things To Do:

In the centre of the city is the national monument, its free to enter the surrounding park and gets really busy with locals. The line to get inside the monument was massive so we didn’t even bother, it was way to hot to stand there for ages.

The national museum is right next to the park, it costs just Rp10,000, and is full of information about the evolution of the human race, the geek squad (that’s us) found it really interesting.

Jakarta is a good place to go shopping, the malls are mainly clustered around the Selamat Datang Monument.

Where To Stay:

I’m not recommending our hotel in Jakarta, it was actually quite nice but the area was rather questionable, if we ever visit again we will stay somewhere else.

Getting There:

A taxi will cost Rp300,000 and takes about an hour. There is a bus but it doesn’t run 24 hours, it costs Rp40,000.

The bus will drop you of at Gambir Station (the main train station), trains in Indonesia are regular and great value, see our “getting around Indonesia” post HERE for more info.

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