Getting Around Indonesia

Indonesia is a fairly easy country to get around, especially the main island of Java, I’ve given a short overview of the public transport in Indonesia but remember to ask someone for directions if you get lost, the people of Indonesia are very friendly and always willing to help, usually for the price of a selfie so that they can show everyone their new friend.


The rail network in Java is fantastic, the services are cheap and reliable and run regularly. The executive coaches are the only cabins with air conditioning and the food served onboard is quite good and reasonably priced.

To pre-book, see there is no booking fee, use your booking code to check yourself in using the self service kiosks at the station.


Long distance buses are slow and generally don’t have a toilet. We traveled for 3 and a half hours to Bromo with no toilet break, although they are much cheaper than the train. Long distance bus stations are not always in the city centre.

Local mini buses are called Angkot’s, they are very regular and super cheap, there are no dedicated bus stops so you’ll just need to flag one down. We stood on a street corner for less than a minute and 5 Angkot’s pulled over for us. If the driver isn’t headed your way then he will tell you which bus to flag.


A car with driver can be hired for a full day for around Rp500,000 in Bali, less in the rest of Indonesia.


Indonesia is made up of around 17,000 islands, its inevitable that you will be taking at least 1 ferry during your time there.

There are overnight ferries and short ferries depending on where you are going. The ferry from Java to Bali only takes 45 minutes. From certain points in Indonesia the ferry to Singapore is only a few hours.


Their are a few budget airlines operating in Indonesia, for the latest prices and schedules, check out sky

Let me know if you have any questions


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