Mt Bromo – Indonesia

ount Bromo is probably one of the most iconic places in Java, and even Indonesia. Tourists flock there for sunrise views then they are gone again before lunch time, we spent 2 nights in Bromo and were surprised at how non touristy it was.

Climbing The Volcano For Free:

If you visit Bromo with a guide or take a taxi etc, you will be charged at Rp320,000 entrance fee at the base of Mt Bromo. But if you walk, you can miss out the ticket booths and visit absolutely free.

The walk from our hotel took about 1 hour and we cut across the sea of sands. Wouldn’t recommend it in the dark because it would probably be too easy to get lost, but during the day it was perfectly safe and saved us a fortune.

The Best Look Out Point:

It took us 1 hour to climb to the top of Mt Penanjakan, there are 3 look out spots, all with similar views. It gets really busy at sunrise but we aren’t early birds at all, by the time we left at about 10am, we practically had the place to ourselves. There is a lady selling coffee etc at the first stop.

I had read online that the entrance fee was Rp10,000 but there was nobody there to take any money from us at that time.

Where To Eat:

The cafe lava hostel has a buffet breakfast, it will cost you Rp40,000 if your not staying at the hotel. They also had a great evening menu.

Getting There:

We took an Angkot (local mini bus) to Arjosari station in Malang, from there we took the first bus to Probolinggo, it took around 3 hours and 30 minutes. When you arrive at Probolinggo you need to leave the main bus station, on the right hand side there will be a mini bus waiting to take tourists to Bromo.

The mini bus usually costs Rp35,000 when full, but if there isn’t enough passengers you can opt to split the cost of a full bus between whoever is on the bus. There were only 5 of us on the bus and we ended up paying Rp100,000 each after waiting an hour and a half and nobody else showing up. The journey is about 90 minutes.

A private taxi from Probolinggo train station will cost you about Rp400,000.

Where To Stay:

I really would recommend spending a little bit extra to be as close to the top of the mountain as possible. We stayed at the Hotel Vila Condani, I was expecting just a room but we got a whole house to ourselves. It cost £39 per night on

Important Stuff:

There is no ATM in the village, make sure you have plenty of cash with you to last the whole trip, not many places accept credit card.

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