Malang – Indonesia

I hadn’t planned on writing a post for Malang because we were both sick so we were quite boring and didn’t do much for the first few days, but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to recommend our hotel there, it was absolutely perfect, probably the best hotel we had in Indonesia, and also the cheapest!

On day 4 we ventured out to the painted town of Kapung Tridi, there’s a tiny fee to enter but it’s worth it. It was previously a slum in Malang and was the project of 8 art students in the area who wrote to all the major paint companies asking for free paint to cheer up the area. Their idea was absolute genius and work has already started on the neighbouring slum.

By day 5 were were completely recovered and took a local mini bus (Angkot) to the hillside town of Batu. It took about an hour from our hotel and we got some great views of the volcanic countryside. The transport museum was also quite good.

Some people choose to stay in Malang and visit Mt Bromo as a day trip, we decided to stay in Bromo for 2 nights, it is a really long way for just the day. Click HERE to read our separate post.

Where To Stay:

I’ve already mentioned that our hotel was amazing, it was the Balava Hotel next door to the Kota Lama station in Malang, the train will only stop there if your coming from the Yogyakarta direction, if your coming the other way it’s about a 30 minute walk from Malang Central. We booked through for just £14 per night.

Where To Eat:

We weren’t adventurous at all in Malang, we mainly ate from the hotel rooftop restaurant or ordered room service, both were very affordable and delicious.

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