Byron Bay – Australia

Byron Bay on the east cost of Australia is an absolute hippies paradise, come here and ‘find yourself’ or just have a bit of fun and relax on the beach like we did.

Things To Do:

Whilst the sea is a bit to rough to swim in it, it’s a surfers heaven. At any time of the day you can literally count around 30 people in the sea. Board hire starts at $15 for a full day and there are lessons available if your not too confident. Even if you decide not to surf, it’s great fun watching other people surf (and fall off).

Bike hire is also cheap in Byron, prices start at $10 for half a day, there isn’t too much traffic around during the week so it’s the perfect place to ride your bike, it’s also a good way of getting to the more remote and less crowded beaches.

The Cape Byron fitness walk from Byron main beach up to the lighthouse not only keeps you fit but has some stunning scenery as you get higher and higher toward the top of the hill. There are loads of water fountains dotted about which is handy.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse was built in 1901 it sits right at the top of a huge hill overlooking the ocean, views from the top are fantastic though expect it to be a bit windy. It is possible to drive right up to it if your not up for the walk.

Where To Eat:

Bakery – Hot Bread Kitchen, open all day serves home made sandwiches and the most amazing spinach and feta rolls.

Mexican – Guzman Y Gomez, I know it’s a chain but we don’t have these in the UK, and I can’t ever say no to some nacho fries! Also really good budget option.

FREE – Cheeky Monkey, yes that’s right, you can eat here completely free 6 nights of the week, they even throw in a free beer! Just pickup a voucher at the Happy Tours shop right outside the bus station on your way past.

Getting There:

The greyhound bus from Brisbane takes 3 hours or from Coffs Harbour its 3 hours and 50 minutes. The bus drops you off right in the centre of Byron Bay, close to all the shops and hostels etc.

The closest airport is Ballina and there are shuttle buses that can take you to and from Byron Bay.

Where To Stay:

The Health Lodge was probably the best room we had in Australia but it was also the most expensive, the only downside was the shared bathroom which we are never fans of. We booked through for £61 per night. It was about 20 minutes walk from the town centre.

We left booking accommodation until the very last minute, for cheaper deals it’s probably worth being a bit more organised than we were if you didn’t want to stay in shared dorms.

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