Coffs Harbour – Australia

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Coffs Harbour, we only stopped to break up the journey from Byron Bay to Port Macquarie, but this sleepily little town managed to surprise me in the best way possible, I’m so glad we stopped here.

Thing To Do:

Like all east coast Australia, the beaches are pristine and the sea is perfect for surfing, the beach is about a 40 minute walk from the town centre.

Just off the main harbour is Muttonbird Island, a nature reserve that’s open to the bubonic and has some stunning views back over the harbour and city.

The botanic gardens just out of the city are also free to the public, they are absolutely massive and have sections for all over the world. Pick up a free map at the main entrance.

The national museum was $5 per person and though really small, it was full of interesting information about Coffs Harbour. Ask Geoff to show you around.

The Clog Barn was a huge surprise, it ended up being our favourite thing to do in Coffs Harbour even though we looked a bit strange being the only adults without kids with us. Completely free to enter, it’s a mini Holland Down Under. The miniature models are so detailed, and the day we visited they had been invaded by ‘giant’ lizards. There’s also a clog making demonstration every day at 11am.

The big banana is a 30 minute walk north of the town centre, we didn’t get a chance to go inside because it was closed by the time we got there though it’s supposedly good fun.

Where To Eat:

The Plantation Hotel, we managed to get a proper English Sunday lunch here for $16 each, the first one we had in 5 months!

The Fishermans Coop, really good fish and chips right on the harbour and you know it’s been caught fresh just off the coast of Coffs Harbour.

Cutty’s Cakes, the bakery is open all night, we snuck out for a midnight snack of caramel shortbread and home made scones more than once 🙂

Getting There:

We used the Greyhound bus which took 3 hours 50 minutes from Byron Bay, or 3 hours from Port Macquarie if your headed the other direction. The greyhound bus stop is in the town centre which is not next to the beach.

Where To Stay:

We booked the Bentleigh Motor Inn for 3 nights on at £50 per night. Rooms were recently decorated and spotlessly clean. The location was good for bars and restaurants etc, it’s also next to a new mall currently being built. They had on site laundry facilities for guests to use which was handy, and the rooms all had toasters and microwaves.

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