Costs & Useful Information – Australia

Australia has everything from coral reefs to mega cities, rainforests to deserts. It’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of people have migrated here from Europe.

Our daily costs worked out at £89 between both of us, that includes all internal flights and buses as well as accommodation and food. Australia is the most expensive place we’ve visited by quite a lot.

Getting Around: Australia is super easy to get around with special tickets catered just for backpackers. See our “Getting Around Australia” post by clicking HERE.

Accommodation: I managed to save quite a lot by using all our saved up vouchers while we were in Australia. We spent an average of £39 per night, or £53 if we hadn’t used our vouchers.

Visa: You will need to sign up for an E-Visa before entering Australia, they will send you an e-mail confirmation and you will be allowed to stay for 90 days. We didn’t need to print them off but I saved a PDF copy to my phone just in case. The visa service is free for U.K. Passport holders. We weren’t asked for any proof of onward travel. See for details.

Vaccinations: At the time of writing (November 2017) there are no vaccinations or anti-malaria medication required.

Water: Bottled water is really expensive in Australia, around $3 to $4 for a small bottle, however tap water is completely safe to drink, there are also lots of water fountains dotted around. Just buy one bottle and refill it as you go.

Day Trips: The average cost is around $100 for a full day trip per person, you can usually book 1 day in advance at any tour operator.

Dress Code: Literally anything goes in Australia, you will see all sorts wandering about.

Money: The currency in Australia is the Australian Dollar, there are ATMs all over and everywhere accepts card. Exchange rates in November 2017 below:

£1 (GBP) = $1.77

$1 (USD) = $1.32

€1 (EUR) = $1.57

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