Getting Around Australia

Australia is absolutely massive and getting around can be quite expensive, but it’s very well organised and easy.

Long Distance Buses:

Probably the most popular way to get around Australia, the buses are regular and drop you off right in the heart of the city. The largest company is Greyhound and all their vehicles has free wifi and a toilet on board.

If you plan on visiting a few different places the best ticket is a hop-on hop-off ticket, we bought one from Brisbane to Sydney and we could get on and off as many times as we wanted. It cost $149/pp and we took 5 journeys with the one ticket.

You get an ID code and an PIN number, as long as your traveling in one direction all you need to do is log onto your account and reserve yourself a seat on the next bus, it’s really simple to use.

Shuttle Buses:

The best way to get to and from the airport, they offer a door to door service and are sometimes actually cheaper than public transport, we paid the following for 1 way journeys: Cairns $11/pp, Brisbane $16/pp, Sydney $15/pp.

Budget Flights:

There are more and more budget airlines operating in Australia, we flew from Cairns to Brisbane with Tiger Air for £45/pp, that was cheaper than the bus option. See skyscanner for the latest deals.


Not many people use trains in Australia, they are really expensive compared to the bus.

Drive Yourself:

Hiring a car or camper van is really popular in Australia, especially if your with a group and can take turns driving. You will have ultimate freedom but journeys can be very long and tiring. Shop about online for the best deals.

For other useful tips about planning a trip to Australia, see our ‘Costs and Essential Info’ page HERE.

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