Koala Hospital – Australia

Koalas are now classed as a ‘vulnerable’ species, not quite endangered but not far off. Every year more and more of these beautiful creatures are being killed in vehicle accidents, domestic dog attacks and disease.

All of these are caused by humans removing the Koalas natural habitat, forcing them to move closer and closer into the city to find food. Luckily the good people at the Port Macquarie animal hospital are making a difference.

About The Hospital:

The hospital is the biggest in Australia, it has 300 volunteers and takes in around 200 to 300 patients each year.

Most are treated and returned to the wild as quickly as possible, but there are a handful of permanent residents who can no longer survive in the wild because of their injuries.

When To Visit:

Visit in the afternoon, there is a free daily tour at 3pm where volunteers tell you all about the animals and hospital. If your lucky you will see some of the Koalas being fed.


The hospital is completely free to visit, but it does take an awful lot of money to run each year so please be generous and leave a donation in one of the boxes dotted around the site.

Getting There:

It’s an easy walk to the hospital from Port Macquarie city centre, allow about 25 minutes each way.

How You Can Help:

You can adopt a Koala online at www.koalahospital.org.au

Don’t forget to read our guide to the rest of Port Macquarie HERE.

Now for some photos:


Feeding time:

Baby high up in the tree:

Some of the permanent residents:

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