Newcastle – Australia

Being from Newcastle in England, I just had to add Newcastle in Australia into our itinerary, there absolutely nothing alike but I just had to take a photo under the ‘Welcome to Newcastle’ sign.

Things To Do:

Newcastle is located next to the famous Hunter Valley region, where a lot of Australia’s wine comes from. There are lots of day trips to chose from, mostly only running on a weekend. If you don’t have time for a full day trip or your not interested in a full day of wine tasting then the Inner City Wine Makers in a great option for you. 40 minutes walk from the beach, the guy who on the place is very knowledgable and it’s free to taste all the different kinds of wine made on site. Prices aren’t that bad if you want to take a bottle or two home with you.

King Edwards park is absolutely the most stunning part of Newcastle, the views over the gardens and over the ocean are incredible. The park is also home to the Bogey Hole, a natural bath carved into the side of the cliff as a private bathing area for the old mayor, now open to the public.

There are more public baths next to the main beach, they are open all year round except the one day we visited because of maintenance works. It’s really interesting to see how they have made the most of the natural resources surrounding the city.

In my opinion, Nobby’s beach is nicer than the main beach in Newcastle, it’s just 5 minutes walk around the corner and much less crowded. The walk to the end of the pier is peaceful and gives a nice view of the lighthouse and fort.

Christchurch cathedral is free too enter, and while it’s not as old or as impressive as some of its European brothers and sisters, it’s still worth a look. The lovely lady at the door gave us a prayer for travellers to wish us safe journey around the rest of Australia. Entrance is free.

We asked a few people in Newcastle for recommendations and everybody told us to visit the memorial bridge, they weren’t wrong. The bridge was constructed as a memorial to the ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corp) soldiers who died during WW1. On one side of the bridge there is nothing but open ocean and on the other side there is a panoramic view over the city. It’s about 30 minutes walk from the town centre.

The free Newcastle Museum is a nice place to spend an hour, the building is the most impressive part, although the current exhibition on coal mining was quite interesting.

Where To Eat:

If your on a budget, then the perfect place for you is the Newcastle French Bread Shop, from the outside it looks like any other greasy spoon, but the sandwiches and hot food are amazing, meals start at just $5. It’s located on the way to the Newcastle Museum and open daily until 3pm.

Getting There:

The trusty greyhound bus took us to Newcastle from Port Macquarie, it took 3 hours and 40 minutes including a 30 minute meal break. If your coming from Sydney, the bus takes around 3 hours, give or take 30 minute depending on traffic.

Where To Stay:

The Newcastle Beach Hotel was in a great location, all rooms have a partial sea view and are very clean. We stayed 3 nights and booked on for £28 per night, which was actually half price because we used some of our free points.

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