Phu Quoc – Vietnam (Part 1) 

So far on our travels we have seen some pretty amazing places, but Phu Quoc is the best yet, I’ve split this post into two parts, this one is everything you need to know to plan a great trip to Phu Quoc, don’t forget to read Part 2 which lists everything you can do on this perfect little island, click HERE to read.

The Beaches:

Long Beach is the main beach on the island, located on the west coast, there are so many hotels, bars and restaurants dotted about that you will be spoiled for choice, but you will also have to contend with crowds during the peak season.

Sao Beach is the most beautiful beach (in my opinion) on the island, it’s on the south east coast and the sand there is a perfect white, though the sea is too rough to swim and there is a threat from jellyfish in the winter. (Dec – Feb)

One Lang Beach is on the north west tip of the island, it’s a perfect lookout spot and you can see as far as Cambodia on a clear day. There are a couple of local restaurants on the sea front and not much else.

Where To Eat:

The rich waters surrounding Phu Quoc make it a seafood lovers paradise, we were sitting at one beachfront restaurant when they suddenly ran out of squid, the owners sent their 12 year old son out to catch some more, it took him less than 10 minutes to come back with about 6 in a bucket.

We really loved the BBQ at Nhat Lan Restaurant towards the south end of Long Beach, a Red Snapper with rice and veggies was only 80 to 100K.

Getting There:

The flight from HCMC is only 40 minutes and there are over 10 flights per day. Check out for the best deals at the time, we visited during the start of high season and managed to get return flights for £60 per person. (Would have been much cheaper during low season.)

A taxi from the airport to town will cost around 90 to 150K depending on where your staying plus a 20K toll road fee which is unavoidable.

Where To Stay:

We booked the Sun & Sea hotel for £24 per night including breakfast. It was just a few minutes walk from Long Beach and close to a few beach bars and BBQ restaurants, but still far enough away from Duong Dong town centre to avoid the tourist trap feeling.

For cheaper accommodation and hostels try looking closer to the town centre and for something a bit more fancy, there are dozens of beautiful resorts lining the beachfront.

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