Phu Quoc – Vietnam (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Phu Quoc guide. There was so many cool things to see and do in Phu Quoc that I’ve separated them out to a separate post. To read Part 1, beaches, hotels and transport, click HERE.

Things To Do:

1. Our absolute favourite thing to see in Phu Quoc, and probably our favourite part of our whole trip so far was the see Bioluminescent Plankton. Chemicals inside the plankton are released when it is disturbed or threatened, the chemicals glow in the dark and distract any predators while the plankton swims away. They are absolutely tiny and can only be seen in the darkest areas of the beach. The photo below shoes a few we managed to catch in an empty water bottle. Please return them back to the wild when you have finished. 🙂

2. There are a couple of different Pearl farms on the island, they are free to enter and will give you a demonstration of the shell being opened and the pearl being extracted. It takes 2 to 10 years for the pearl to develop. You will then have a chance to visit their gift shop where prices are much lower than in Europe. Sean bought me these earrings for just 300K.

3. The Tranh Stream Waterfall is in the centre of the island, tickets cost 10K and go towards the upkeep of the toilets etc in the area. The water at the base of the waterfall is safe to swim in and the walk there is a little bumpy but you should be fine with flip flops. The area is popular with local families on weekends and if your lucky enough you will be invited to join in with their picnic.

4. The Coconut Prison, a horrific reminder of the Vietnam war with America. I found this upsetting but war museums are never really my thing. The prison is free to enter.

5. Ham Ninh Fishing Village, on the east cost. If you’ve never eaten on a floating restaurant before then make sure you visit the fishing village for lunch. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful things on the menus. We just stuck to our favourite, the simple red snapper.

6. The national park takes up about a third of the island, driving through seemed to take forever. The thick canopy provides hikers with some welcomed shade. Pack plenty of water and bug spray.

7. The Phu Quoc Bee Farm is free to enter and there are regular guided tours. Try out some of their honey related treats in the cafe and take home a jar or two from the gift shop.

8. Coi Nguon Museum is spread out over 5 floors, it shows Phu Quoc from before man kind walked the earth right up to the modern day. Tickets are 20K.

9. Pepper is a huge industry in Phu Quoc, driving through the countryside you will see row after row of pepper plants, they look like and army, all lined up perfectly, all the same width and height. Some farms have gift shops where you can sample the different kinds of pepper that they produce for free.

10. Dinh Nguyen Trung Truc temple is next to Ong Long beach, a beautiful temple that’s free to enter, stop here for 10 minutes on your way to beach.

11. Long Beach is perfectly located on the west coast and has a perfect sunset every single night.

Hire A Driver:

You can hire a driver for a full day for around, 900K at Green Travel. We did this twice, the first time we traveled around the south of the island and the second time we did the north. If you want to join a group tour the prices start at around $15 (USD).

5 thoughts on “Phu Quoc – Vietnam (Part 2)

  1. Hi, do you mind if I ask which beach you saw the bioluminescent plankton, just about to book a hotel in Phu Quoc and would love it to be close to this natural phenomenon. Thanks.


    1. Hi Michelle, Google maps calls it Ba Keo but I’m sure it had an English name too. It was the main beach close to Duong Dong town. Just find any dark patch and you’ll be bound to see it, it can take a while to spot the first one but then they seem to be everywhere! Good luck xxx


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