HoiAn – Vietnam (Part 1)

HoiAn is our absolute favourite place on earth, we’ve been here twice now and with a combined 2 weeks there’s a lot to talk about, I’ve split the HoiAn posts into 3:

Part 1: Things To Do, (You’re reading now)

Part 2: Where To Stay/Eat and anything else that you need to know,

Part 3: Day Trips From HoiAn,

So let’s get on with Part 1 and list all the fun things that can be done within HoiAn itself.

Things To Do:

1. Get a tailor made dress that fits you perfect, HoiAn is famous for it’s many many tailors. I hit lucky and managed to buy one off the mannequin for 400K and the second one was tailored for 540K, I didn’t try to haggle, I’m sure I could have got these much cheaper if I tried but when someone is staying up all night to make you something that’s already a bargain compared to UK prices it feels unethical to beat them down even more. It’s up to you what you decide to do.

Visit the BAO NI Cloth Shop on the main road just before you hit the junction for the beach.

2. Visit the old town, you don’t need a ticket to walk around, but if you want to visit any of the historical attractions then you need to pay. Tickets cost 120K and allow entry into up to 5 of the major attractions, if you want to go into any more then you need to pay.

We used our ticket to see the following:

A. The Japanese covered bridge,

B. The old house of Phung Hung,

C. Quang Trieu assembly hall,

D. Museum of Sa Huynh culture,

E. Phuc kien assembly hall,

3. Learn about the ethnic minority’s that still live in Vietnam today at the Precious Heritage Art Gallery and Museum. Entrance is free and it’s really worth a visit, the artwork there is so good that I even bough a copy to frame when we get home (and I’ve never done that before in my life).

4. Take a 30 minute boat ride down the river and release a lantern to make a wish. Prices depend on how busy they are.

5. Go back to the old town at night to see all the lights and lanterns that make HoiAn so beautiful.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to read Part 2 and Part 3 of our HoiAn trilogy 🙂

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