Sapa – Vietnam

Close to the border between Vietnam and China, Sapa is home to rolling hills and striking scenery. Local ethnic villages are full of culture and history.

If your planning a trip to Vietnam, we strongly recommend that you find at least 1 night in your itinerary to spend in this beautiful and unique location.

Things To Do:

Anyone visiting Sapa is expecting to see some amazing landscapes, the best way to do this is to go trekking through the countryside, from one small village to another. Walking is the main attraction here, difficulty can be adjusted to suit your own fitness level.

The Cat Cat tourism village shows how modern day villagers still produce fabrics in the traditional way. They also have performances in the music hall and a huge waterfall at the bottom of the village.

Getting There:

The long distance bus leaves from Hanoi twice per day, you will need to book in advance and a return ticket costs around £20 to £30. The bus is a sleeping bus with little beds for everyone and it takes approximately 5 hours including a meal break. There is a toilet onboard.

DIY or Guided Tour:

We chose to join the tour for around £70 each. I thought the price was reasonable, as it included transport, accommodation, all meals and guided tours. I’m glad we did join the tour because Sapa is huge, we would have needed to hire a motorbike if we weren’t on a tour bus and it’s so foggy in some areas that I’m sure we would have crashed and died. We also got to see more in our very short time here that we would have on our own.

What To Wear:

We visited during December and it was absolutely freezing. Luckily we bought coats and scarves in Hanoi the day before. You will absolutely need layers and long trousers to enjoy your trip to Sapa. It gets so cold that the hotels even have heated blankets!

Where To Eat:

All our meals were included within our tour package which meant we only ate at the hotel, but the food was fantastic and honestly it was so cold and foggy I didn’t really want to go outside anyway!

Where To Stay:

The H’Mong Sapa Hotel was beautiful, just outside town and right on the hillside. Views would have been amazing on a less foggy day. Rooms were clean and had heated blankets, (which you really do need).

If you want to stay closer to town then the area around the main lake is a good choice, there are lots of options in terms of hotels, restaurants etc.

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