Getting Around Vietnam

In our experience, countries are either easy to get around or cheap to get around, but very rarely both. Vietnam is one of these rare places that’s cheap AND easy. There are lots of options for getting around:

Budget Airlines:

Vietjet is the main budget airline operating in Vietnam, check for latest schedules and prices.

Hanoi and HCMC are the biggest airports with regular flights everywhere else in the country.


I wasn’t impressed with the train in Vietnam, I thought it was overpriced and even though you can’t technically smoke onboard, nobody listens to that rule it felt like everyone in our carriage had a cigarette at some point.

Trains were also quite dirty with a lot of cockroaches, I’m glad we weren’t onboard all night. I’d recommend the bus over a train any day.

Tourist Bus:

Often cleaner, faster and cheaper than the train. Seats are more like mini beds, comfortable for me but Sean was a bit too tall to get a proper nights sleep. There are toilets onboard and regular meal breaks. Tickets can be booked at any tour operator and usually include hotel pickup in a mini bus to take you to the main bus station.

A really good way to get around Vietnam, especially longer journeys.

Local and Long Distance Bus:

The cheapest and most regular option, but can be slow depending on the number of stops and the main bus station can be a little bit out of the way.

Inner city buses tend to run every few minutes and are really cheap, though it can sometimes be difficult to spot the bus stop. Also, make sure your on the correct side of the road for the bus to stop! We made that mistake in Hanoi and we’re left on the wrong side with a slightly red face!


Unlike a lot of places, the taxi drivers don’t try to rip you off, they are really cheap and always easy to find. A driver can be hired for the whole day for around 900K.

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