Costs & Useful Information – Vietnam

We absolutely loved Vietnam, there is so much to do and it’s still fairly un-touristy in some areas, although still westernised enough for you to get by.

To see out travel guide and get some ideas for planning your own trip, see our “Suggested Itineraries” page HERE.

It’s one of the cheapest places we’ve ever been and we really splashed out as a result. We went crazy in the night markets, got massages every few days and ate and drank a lot, our average daily spending was £68 including all accommodation and transport.

Getting Around: You’ve got a lot of options for getting around Vietnam. See our “Getting Around” post by clicking HERE.

Accommodation: Hotels in Vietnam are usually pretty good quality and fairly clean, a 2 star hotel will cost around £13 and 3 stars are more like £21, use to get some great flash deals. We paid an average of £19.50 per night with a couple of fancy 4 stars thrown in.

Visa: If your traveling for 2 weeks or less then you don’t need a visa. For up to 30 days you can get an e-visa online HERE. You need to print off the visa, they will not accept a PDF copy, we didn’t know and ended up paying $10 at Sydney airport to use their printer!

Vaccinations: At the time of writing (December 2017) there are no vaccinations or and anti-malaria medication is only required if your going really far into the mountains.

Dress Code: Pretty much anything goes except for religious sites, although most provide sarongs for tourists to borrow for free.

Money: The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong, there are ATMs in all towns although you could struggle in small villages. Exchange rates in December 2017 below:

£1 (GBP) = VND30,300

$1 (USD) = VND22,692

€1 (EUR) = VND26,918

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