Sun Moon Lake – Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan. People either visit for the day from Taichung or spend a few nights at the lake. See our Taichung guide HERE.

A day trip option from Taipei is also possible but it’s a very long day.

How To See The Lake:

The most common way to see the lake is to cycle, to cover the whole circumference takes about 4 hours. The trail is clearly marked and reasonably flat, there are lots of bike rentals close to the bus stop.

If you choose to walk the circumference then you probably won’t get all the way around in one day, unless your a supersonic fitness lover (where not).

If all that seems like too much hard work then you can buy a hop on hop off boat ticket for the full day, ferries will take you from one part of the lake to another at regular intervals.

Where To Eat:

There are lots of options for various budgets, ranging from 7/11 to super fancy hotel restaurants.

We really enjoyed the Moon Cafe, the food was reasonably priced, especially their combo meals and the restaurant overlooks the lake.

Getting There:

From Taichung is really easy, there’s a direct bus that leaves every 45 minutes or so, travel time is between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the time of day.

Click HERE for actual timetables.

You will need to buy a ticket from inside the shop before you board. A return ticket is $350 per person.

The bus stops at Shuishe Visitors Centre a few steps back from the lake.

To get back to Taichung the bus leaves from the same place it dropped you off (but on the opposite side of the road).

Where To Stay:

There are plenty of accommodation options available in Sun Moon Lake although much more expensive than Taichung city. Depending on your budget, a day trip could be more suitable.

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