Kaohsiung – Taiwan

Taiwans second biggest city, Kaohsiung is often overlooked by tourists, but its full culture and character, a perfect addition to any Taiwan itinerary.

Things To Do:

If you’ve ever googled Kaohsiung you will most likely have already seen photos of the iconic lights at Formosa Boulevard metro station. The lights are before the ticket checking points so you don’t need to buy a ticket to get in.

The Love river snakes its way through the city, pedestrian and cycling paths line both sides with various parks and seating areas along the way, on a sunny day it’s a perfect place for a gentle stroll or a long walk depending how energetic your feeling.

The Holy Rosary Cathedral next to the banks of the Love river is said to be the oldest in Taiwan, we weren’t dressed appropriately so we didn’t actually go inside but the building was very beautiful on the outside.

The Hakka Culture Museum is also on the river bank and its free to enter. It’s not very big but is full of information about the Hakka people and their migration to Taiwan.

Lotus lake was about a 1 hour walk from the centre of the city, although there are public transport options available, just check google maps. We enjoyed the walk after being cooped up on the flight from Vietnam. Surrounding the lake are various temples and monuments, we didn’t go inside them all, just the ones that especially caught our eye. We were particularly impressed with the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas.

Kaohsiung Night Markets:

Like every other city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung has its fair share of night markets, they are a good place to pick up a cheap meal and people watch. We visited the following 3 markets;

1. Liuhe Tourist Night Market, this one is very touristy and focuses mainly on sea food, its open every night and gets really busy at weekends.

2. Ruifeng Night Market, less touristy but bigger and more choice, our favourite in Kaohsiung although it’s not open every day.

3. Nanhua Night Market, less food choices and more clothing options, lots of scooters driving though way to fast, we didn’t really rate this one.

Getting There:

The main train station is located right in the heart of the city, there is also a metro line (red line) running direct to the airport, it costs $35 per person and comes every few minutes.

Where To Stay:

We stayed in the Kiwi Express hotel, it was small but very clean and breakfast was great, rooms were £24 per night on Hotels.com and breakfast was pretty good too. It’s location is good for the metro and main train stations.

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