Taichung – Taiwan

There’s no doubt that Taichung attracts visitors mainly because of its proximity to Sun Moon Lake, I’ve done a separate post HERE on a DIY tour to the lake from Taichung.

But it’s not just a one trick pony, Taichung is a nice city in itself, with lots to offer.

Things To Do:

Animation Ally is exactly that, an ally in Taichung covered in animations, it’s pretty cute and even though it’s a bit out the way we were still glad we saw it. It’s short and you only need about 15 minutes there.

Even though your not allowed inside the city hall, it’s still a building worth making a short detour to see the European style building.

Taichung park is absolutely beautiful on a sunny day, it’s a fairy decent size for a city centre park and is a central meeting point for joggers, dog walkers and families having picnics.

I’m not sure the name of the river side park because it’s written in Chinese, but enter where Dacheng Street meets Liuchuan West Road. It’s a really pretty little place, the whole park was lit up at night but I’m not sure if that’s a permanent feature or just a Christmas thing.

The Cultural park on the east side of the railway tracks is still a work in progress, although I’ve got really high hopes for this place when it’s finished. We walked around but didn’t enter any of the buildings due to construction work.

Where To Eat:

We were stereotypical European tourists and ate at the German Christmas market a few times which was great.

The night market was ok but honestly I wasn’t a big fan of the street food in Taiwan so we didn’t have much to eat there.

We much preferred the canteen, self serve type cafes dotted around the city, mainly only open during the daytime.

We treated ourselves to one expensive meal on Christmas Eve at IL Volo Pizza, a really nice Italian restaurant. Try the mushroom pasta.

Getting There:

Taichung has a normal and a high speed railway station as well as its own airport. Shuttle trains run from the HSR station and the airport to the main station regularly.

Where To Stay:

The Cloud Hotel worked out at an average of £40 per night, but we splashed out a little bit, knowing that we’d be there for Sean’s 30th birthday as well as Christmas Day.

The room was amazing, absolutely brand new and spotless, we had a spa bath in the room and a great view over the city from our 12th floor window. Breakfast was good and there were free snacks all day in the lobby.

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