Taroko George – Taiwan

Taroko National Park is the largest park in Taiwan, it stretches from Hualien in the East all the way to Taichung in the West. Taroko George is the most visited part of the park as it is easily accessible as a day trip from Hualien.

It is possible to visit from Taipei as a day trip but it’s a very long day and you miss out everything else Hualien has to offer, see our Hualien post HERE.

Points of interest within the park:

Swallow Grotto: it’s a long way down to the river below, the view is incredible as long as you’re not scared of heights.

Eternal Spring Shrine: Built in honour of the hundreds of workers who died building the essential east-west highway.

Shakadang Trail: Walk along far enough and you’ll reach a point where you can dip your hand in the pure blue water.

Qingshui Cliff: Where the park meets the ocean at a dramatic angle, perfect selfie spot.

Echo Valley: Shout loud enough and you will hear your own voice echoing back.

KK-Day Tours Review:

The tour cost us £32 and we pre-booked online 2 days before. the night before the tour we were sent a photo of the bus that would be picking us up and an exact pickup time.

the bus arrived exactly on time and Toby was a fantastic tour guide, his English was perfect and he was very enthusiastic about the park. lunch was included in the tour, we had 3 options to select from, I had veg fried rice and Sean had beef noodles, both were great.

Because of the location of the park and the distance from one site to another, I would certainly recommend joining a day trip from Hualien, KK-Day tours is a great budget option and the mini bus is much more personal than the gigantic coaches we saw driving about.

I would recommend KK-Day tours to anyone who asked, you can book online HERE.

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