Costs & Useful Information – Taiwan

Taiwan isn’t nicknamed the heart of Asia for nothing, it has so much character and it’s completely unique compared to anywhere else we’ve been. This tiny little country should certainly be on any Asia itinerary. Here’s a few things that will help you plan the perfect trip:

Get out of Taipei: It is absolutely amazing and you could easily spend a full week in Taipei, but there are other parts of Taiwan worth visiting too. See our itinerary HERE for some ideas.

It’s not cheap: It was a surprise to me how expensive things cost in Taiwan, we spent an average of £72 per day between both of us, of course we could have done it cheaper if we really tried. We had just came from Vietnam which is super cheap, so that may have altered our opinion of what was cheap and what isn’t.

Getting Around: The train is you best choice in Taiwan, it’s cheap, reliable and regular. Tickets can be bought from machines in any station up to 10 days in advance and there is an English speaking option for tourists.

Accommodation: We traveled over Christmas and New Year so the price we paid for hotels was slightly inflated to an average of £40 per night, although I didn’t mind too much because everywhere we stayed was superb.

Visa: UK passport holders are allowed to enter for up to 90 days but you must have your outbound flight booked before you try to enter.

Vaccinations: At the time of writing (January 2018) there are no vaccinations or anti-malaria medication required.

Dress Code: Ladies generally cover their chest and neck, although legs are completely exposed. I got stared at a few times in a low cut t-shirt.

Money: The currency in Taiwan is Dollar and there are lots of ATM’s everywhere. I had heard of a few tourists having their credit cards rejected but my UK issued MasterCard worked every time. Exchange rates in January 2018 below:

£1 (GBP) = $40.85

$1 (USD) = $29.23

€1 (EUR) = $35.81

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