Subic Bay – The Philippines

Subic Bay was once an American naval base, its now a peaceful retreat from city life. There isn’t a great feat to do in Subic Bay other than relax and recharge.

Things To Do:

We saw bioluminescent plankton every sing night in Subic Bay, you can read more about Bioluminescent Plankton in our Phu Quoc post HERE.

Get yourself to the beach for sunset, every night was completely different and equally beautiful. The mountains in the distance and the palm trees that line the beach make the perfect photo opportunity.

The areas close ties to the Navy still remain, at times there is a huge ship docked in front of the WW2 memorials, a line of various memorials relating to the tragedy of WW2.

There is a wide array of water sports available on the beach, prices were quite expensive, similar to what you would expect to pay in Europe.

There isn’t much to do indoors when it rains, there is a 24 hour Casino in the sea front and a huge shopping mall about 15 minutes walk from the main tourist area.

Relaxation should be the main aim when visiting Subic Bay, there are lots of spas with varied levels of luxury and prices to reflect.

Where To Eat:

Texas Joe’s – a traditional American diner, this place gets really busy during weekends.

The Reef Hotel – the pirate theme restaurant is tasty and reasonably priced, they also do family meal deals.

Sea Food by the Bay – best on weekends where they have a very impressive buffet for 399 pesos per head.

Mini Shop – I know its a chain but their 70 peso chicken and rice is the perfect quick lunch, and its right by the beach.

Getting There:

Subic Bay is a 3 hour drive from Manila airport, a private vehicle will cost you 5,000 pesos each way. It also has its own small airport, check for latest schedules.

Where To Stay:

I would certainly recommend staying on the sea front in Subic Bay, it’s the centre of all tourism in the area and there are lots of options, with more being built all the time.

We stayed in the Subic Park Hotel for £32 per night, booked through It was a little more expensive that we usually go for but we decided to splash out because Sean’s parents were visiting.

The hotel was stunning, most days we were the only people in the pool. Breakfast was included in the room price even though it didn’t mention it when we booked.

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