Makati – The Philippines

Makati is close to Manila, its considered the financial centre of the Philippines and consists of huge sky scrapers and shopping malls.

Things To Do:

A lot of activity in Makati is centred around shopping, there are malls everywhere you look. The biggest one is the Green Belt Mall.

The Ayala Museum was really interesting, they currently have an exhibition about the history of gold on the 4th floor. And the 2nd floor is home to a permanent exhibition detailing the complex history of the Philippines.

Where To Eat:

Lebanese – Hummus Elijah, currently number 1 on trip advisor, gets super busy but it’s worth hanging around and waiting for a table. Good for a cheap lunch.

Budget – Hole in the wall (4th floor of the century city mall), a street food themed food court with lots of choices.

Upmarket – The restaurant inside the Artina Suites was fantastic, and although it was considered upmarket, prices were still reasonable.

Getting There:

Taxi prices varied massively depending on time of day and which company you use. We traveled to and from the airport a couple of times to pick up Sean’s parents, we paid the following:

Yellow Cab: 1st trip 390 pesos, 2nd trip 659 pesos,

White Cab: 1st trip 140 pesos, 2nd trip 145 pesos,

Moral of the story, try to stick to the white cabs where possible.

Where To Stay:

We spent 2 nights in the Artina Suites, booked through for £16 per night. Rooms were huge and included a separate kitchen and living area, it was about 10 minutes walk to the centre of Makati.

Then we met the in-laws and moved to the Germacy Residence courtesy of a friend of Sean’s Mum’s. I’m not sure how much this would have cost though I imagine it would have been very expensive, rooms are available through The rooftop pool was a huge bonus!

Overall Makati Review:

We had a good time here but I didn’t love the city, this isn’t a place for tourists, if I did the Philippines again I would skip Makati.

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