Costs & Essential Information – Hong Kong

It’s small size and great airport connections make Hong Kong the perfect weekend getaway. There is something for everyone and most budgets can be catered for.


We’ve been to a few of the reportedly expensive Asian cities like Singapore and managed to fit good quality budget options easily enough, however Hong Kong really is expensive. We spent £82 per day including food and accommodation, we didn’t do anything particularly extravagant and walked everywhere.

Click HERE for some free things to do.

Where To Stay:

The Hi Inn was fantastic, it’s actually in Kowloon and not Hong Kong City and the walk to the star ferry is about 25 minutes or there’s a MTR station about 3 minutes away.

We paid £41 for a triple room, (doubles are cheaper but we’re all fully booked) on

Getting There & Around:

There is an express train from the airport to Kowloon and the city every few minutes, it takes 25 minutes and is quite expensive at $105/pp, alternative bus options are available but seem to take forever.

Once your in Hong Kong the MTR system is really easy to use and quite cheap, the same goes for the bus and ferry services.


UK passport holders are allowed to enter for up to 90 days without a visa, you don’t get a passport stamp, instead you get a tiny piece of paper that you need to show when leaving.


At the time of writing (February 2018) there are no vaccinations or anti-malaria medication required.


The currency in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar and you can pay on card in most places, just like any major European city. Exchange rates in February 2018 below:

£1 (GBP) = $10.97

$1 (USD) = $7.82

€1 (EUR) = $9.71

Hope you found this useful.

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