Free Things To Do – Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a reputation for being really expensive, and while it is easily possible to spend a small fortune when traveling in Hong Kong, there is still plenty of free things to do that will also keep the budget happy.

These are a few of our absolutely favourite free things to do in Hong Kong:

1. The Harbour Lights Show, every day at 8pm a number of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers take part in a light show. It’s best views from Kowloon, make sure you get there early for a good spot.

2. The 46th floor of the Central Plaza building, we did this twice, once during daylight and once at night. We both thought the view was better during the daytime. It’s completely free to visit the observation floor but amazingly we were the only people there both times. Only open weekdays 8am to 8pm.

3. Hike up Victoria Peak, not the easiest walk in the world, it only takes around an hour but it’s incredibly steep and you need to factor in the famous Hong Kong humidity. The walk is free or you can take the tram for $40 each.

4. Kowloon Park, in the heart of Kowloon with so many different sections, our favourite was the Flamingo pond.

5. Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery, undeniably the most tranquil park in Hong Kong, you can spend hours here exploring the park or relaxing by the massive Koi pond.

6. The Star Ferry, I’ve snuck this one in here although it’s not actually free, although it’s so cheap I couldn’t miss it out. Theres no need to splash out on a harbour cruise when the ferry costs as little as $2.20! Sit on the lower deck for a cheaper ticket.

7. Night Markets, you don’t need to buy anything, just take in the atmosphere and do a spot of people watching. Lady’s market gets very busy and is a good place to pick up a souvenir if budget allows.

Hope you find this useful, comment below if you know of any more great free things to do in Hong Kong.

Don’t forget to read our ‘essential information’ page HERE, for info about getting around, where To Stay and average costs etc.

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