Koh Rong – Cambodia

Just 45 minutes from the mainland, Koh Rong is utter perfection. The white sand is so fine it squeaks when you walk on it. The stars are at their clearest and beach BBQ’s serve whatever they’ve caught that morning. No visit to Cambodia is complete without seeing the beauty of Koh Rong.

Things To Do:

Koh Rong is famous for its abundance of Bioluminescent Plankton, it’s stars in the sea are as bright as its starts in the sky. Daily boat trips leave at 7pm and cost $5. This was our favourite thing to do in Koh Rong, you can swim with the plankton and have your whole body light up like a Christmas tree.

Take a tour of the island, tours vary depending on the company, we did a full day trip with Adventure Adam, it cost $25 which was expensive compared to its competitors but it offered a full day tour from 9am to 8pm and circles the whole island. We really recommend the tour.

Relax on the beach, the area close to the main jetties is busy, but you don’t need to walk too far to find a secluded spot to yourself. The water is some of the warmest and clearest we have seen. If you really want your privacy you can take a taxi boat to one of the more difficult beaches to get to.

Getting There:

First you need to get to Sihanoukville on the south Cambodia coast, the airport is 30 minutes from the town centre and costs $20 in a taxi, there are no tuk-tuks outside the airport.

Or from Phnom Pen you can take a bus which is around 5 hours, maybe longer depending on traffic. The bus companies will advertise a 4 hour trip, but that’s simply not true.

The ferry from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong takes between 45 minutes and just over an hour depending on tide and when on the island your staying etc. There are a few different companies who sail regularly throughout the day.

You can prebook online at camboticket.com but if you miss your booked ferry then you’ll need to pay again at the pier. Most companies offer open returns, just book onto your return boat the day before you plan to leave.

Where To Stay:

The Dragon Den Inn is basic but does the job, the fan is powerful enough to not need A/C and staff were busy installing hot water boilers while we were there. We booked through Booking.com for $30 per night.

Where To Eat:

Bamboo Pizza – their breakfast pancakes are great and every pizza ordered comes with a free drink.

Raw Food – small stall operating out of one of the supermarkets along the beach font, it’s not on google maps, they do great breakfast smoothie bowls for $3 each.

Beach BBQ – there’s quite a few of these along the beach front, all about $5 including main meal and a drink, they all served similar food.

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