Siem Reap – Cambodia

There aren’t many places left in the world where you can still get a massage for $1, or a fresh fruit smoothie for $1, Siem Reap is still one of this backpacking paradises where you hardly need to think about your budget.

Home to hordes of tourists passing through to visit Angkor Wat (more on that later), Siem Reap is still a pretty little town with lots of character.

Getting There:

The main town in Siem Reap is about 15 minutes from the international airport, the taxi stand is just outside the main exit and also provides motorbikes and tuk-tuks.

There are regular buses from Phnom Pen to Siem Reap. You can book tickets at lots of corner shops in Cambodia or online at

Where To Stay:

We stayed at the Dechasey Residence for only £23 per night including breakfast and a free shuttle to the airport/city/anywhere you want. The pool area was always peaceful and the rooms were huge. We booked through during one of their regular sales.

Where To Eat:

There is a street called Pub Street where road traffic is banned during the evening, we didn’t eat here because it was expensive and really busy. You can get much better value for money just by walking one or two streets back.

Cambodian Food – Khmer Taste (Sok San Road) super budget friendly and tasty food, we ate here twice, their curries are amazing.

Indian Food – The Indian (2 Thnou Street) authentic Indian food with set menus and combo meals starting from just $5.


The day Market and the night market are both great fun, you can get the all important backpacker elephant trousers for $3 and matching shirt for $1 without even needing to haggle, there are lots of other cool souvenirs worth looking at too. It’s a shame our backpacks are so small!

Angkor Wat:

The main reason anyone visits Siem Reap is Angkor Wat, it’s the first image that comes to mind whenever Cambodia is mentioned, and for good reason. The massive temple complex is one of the most beautiful in the world.

However, there is a severe lack of information when your walking around the temples, its a good idea to do a little bit of research before you go, so that you know what your looking at. YouTube has some really good free documentaries.

Entrance Fee: $37 per person

Driver: $20 per vehicle (tuk-tuk)

Dress Code: Shoulders and knees covered

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