Costs & Essential Information – Cambodia

Still technically a third world country, Cambodia will surprise you with its beautiful, modern cities. There are areas that are still fairly un-touristy although they are rapidly becoming fewer and fewer.

With its jaw dropping islands and ancient temples, Cambodia is an absolute must for any Asia itinerary.


General living expenses like food and accommodation are average prices for south east Asia, however if you plan to do all the tourist attractions, museums and temples etc, expect to pay western prices. We spent a huge £87 per day between the two of us.

Getting Around:

We booked bus and ferry tickets online at, although there was no real need to. Wherever you are in Cambodia you will see plenty of shops selling tickets.

If you do book with then you only need your phone as your ticket. Whether you buy online or in person, getting around Cambodia is really cheap and easy.

If your taking any internal flights, expect that they will be delayed and don’t plan anything too soon after your flight is due to land.

Tuk-Tuk’s in Cambodia are the most comfortable in Asia, they can easily take up to 4 people.


Visas for up to 30 days can be bought on arrival, it’s a bit of a faff on and you should expect to spend at least an hour getting through immigration.

Visas cost $30 and you will be fined an extra $2 if you don’t have a passport photo with you. The visa will take up a full page in your passport so make sure you have a spare page.


At the time of writing (February 2018) there are no specific vaccinations required but anti-malaria medication is an absolute must, malaria is present almost everywhere in the country except major cities.


The currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian Rial, although most places prefer US Dollars, even the ATM’s will give you USD. (It’s really expensive to take cash out here, it cost me $6 to take out $500.) Exchange rates in February 2018 below:

£1 (GBP) = R5,556

$1 (USD) = R4,022

€1 (EUR) = R4,945


£1 (GBP) = $1.38

€1 (EUR) = $1.23

Hope you found this useful.

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