Bangkok – Thailand

The capital of Thailand is just as crazy and hectic as you would imagine, traffic flows at frightening speed and the noise of the big city will overwhelm your senses. That being said, Bangkok’s unique character is quite charming.

We didn’t do much of the touristy stuff in Bangkok because we spent one full day with my friend from home and her beautiful new born baby, it was nice to spend the day with British expats and see a different, more relaxed side to the city.

Things To Do:

The Golden Mount is the only really touristy thing we did in Bangkok, the views over the city were fantastic, there was a vague dress Code but wasn’t strictly enforced. Entrance is 50B per person.

To escape the chaos we spent an afternoon in Chatuchak Park, it’s perfectly manicured gardens and stillness are a million miles away from the rest of the city’s fast pace.

We went to the cinema inside the terminal 21 mall, it cost 180B each and was more comfortable than UK cinemas. Be prepared to stand up and sing the Thai national anthem before the movie starts and bring a scarf with you, it gets really cold inside.

The railway market (next to the Thailand Cultural Centre subway station) is open every night and a great place to spend a few hours, there are so many food choices that you’ll be spoiled for choice. It’s also a great place to pick up souvenirs.

Getting Around:

Getting around Bangkok is fairly easy, there are lots of different options including an extensive subway, frequent buses, tuk-tuk’s, canal ferries and more, all options are cheap and reliable.

Airports and train station, even the major bus stops all have English speaking staff to help you onto the right bus or train.

Where To Eat:

The Royal Oak Pub does an amazing British Sunday Roast, it’s quite expensive but really worth it.

Other than that we ate mainly street food at the night markets. Everything we tried was delicious and cheap.

Where To Stay:

A lot of Bangkok has a reputation for being sleazy, we didn’t think that at all, the area around Asok was beautiful and felt like any other city in the world.

The Case Study Asok hotel was perfect, a very small hotel just above a coffee shop, the rooms were spotless and comfortable. We booked through for £24 per night. The hotel was right next to the subway line and a direct train to the airport.

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