Karon (Phuket) – Thailand

Karon beach is a popular holiday destination for European families, it has everything you need for a family holiday. The nearby Patong is busier and has a much more party feel.

I hadn’t really known what to expect from Phuket, we had heard a few mixed reviews. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, yes it was busy but it was still clean and felt very safe.

Our main reason for visiting Phuket was because our friends were getting married there. The wedding day was beautiful and I think they chose a really good location.

Things To Do:

The beach is the main attraction, even though it gets really busy every single day, it’s still spotless. Teams of people are employed to clean the beach every night. There is a wide range of water sports available at the beach.

The Big Buddha statue is still under construction, though the view from the top is amazing. It’s a long walk to the top, we took a shortcut through Patak Soi 12, it took around 1 hour to get to the top.

On our way back from the Buddha we took the main road and ended up at Chlong Pier (on the wrong side of the island), the scenery was gorgeous and a taxi back cost us 450B.

Karon beach is on the west side of the island, meaning that it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset, every single night was incredible.

The lake at the north end of Karon is perfect for a nice stroll after dinner or whenever you need a little bit of silence in amongst the busy town.

Where To Eat:

There are only 2 restaurants in the world that we’ve been so blown away by that we’ve returned night after night, the grasshopper in HoiAn (Vietnam) and the Friendly Restaurant in Karon.

Getting There:

We took the ferry from Phi Phi island, tickets cost 350B per person and it takes around 90 minutes. The pier is about 1 hour away from Karon beach, we bought transfers on the boat for 150B per person.

From the airport a taxi costs around 1,000B to 1,200B and takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes depending on traffic.

Where To Stay:

Because our friends were getting married we decided to splash out and stay in their fancy hotel, we were really lucky because at the time we booked hotels.com had 81% off the usual price! It was meant to be.

We stayed at the beautiful Phunawa Resort for only £33 per night including breakfast.


Phuket is Thailands most visited island, therefore it’s a bit more expensive than everywhere else, for example taxis are expensive and there’s isn’t as many budget restaurants around.

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