Thailand – Costs & Essential Information

Thailand gets a bad reputation with long term travelers for being too busy and too westernised, it’s also more expensive than the rest of south east Asia when it comes to food etc.

But we were really impressed with Thailands beaches and landscapes, it’s no wonder that Thailand has so many visitors each year. (Yes we did get sick of the crowds from time to time, but it wasn’t enough to make us want to leave.)


We spent £67 per day in Thailand including accommodation, transport, food and everything else. Hotel rooms were pretty good and worked out at an average of £27 per night but rarely included breakfast.

Getting Around:

Public transport is fantastic in Thailand and getting around is really easy and cheap. It’s better not to book online, you can pre-book ferry and long distance bus tickets at the terminal the day before you travel. (Or at any travel agent, there are loads of places dotted around the main touristy areas.)


UK passport holders don’t need a visa as long as they plan on staying less than 1 month.


At the time of writing (March 2018) there are no specific vaccinations and malaria is only present in certain areas, there is no malaria along the coast line or any of the islands.


The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht. ATM’s are absolutely everywhere although a few did reject my UK issued MasterCard. Exchange rates in March 2018 below:

£1 (GBP) = ฿43.84

$1 (USD) = ฿31.21

€1 (EUR) = ฿38.46

Hope you found this useful.

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