Nepal – Costs & Essential Information

I’d had high hopes for Nepal, even though we didn’t really have anything planned for when we got here, and I can safely say that it did not disappoint. With a landscape like nowhere else in the world it’s a paradise for adventure lovers as well as those who prefer a more laid back pace.


General day to day costs like accommodation, food and transport are all pretty cheap in Nepal. If you plan to do any activities like paragliding, trekking etc they can be expensive (though still less then in Europe). We spend an average of £77 per day though we totally blew the budget on an Everest flight, if we take that out of the equation then we would have only spent an average of £58 per day shared between both of us.

Getting Around:

Internal flights tend to be expensive but are your best option if your on a tight schedule. Long distance buses can be booked at any travel agents or even at the bus station, they are very affordable but often delayed. Even if there is no traffic the buses in Nepal are still very slow.


It’s easy to get a visa on arrival, prices depend on the number of days you will stay for, 15 days or less is $25, 30 days is $40 and up to 90 days will cost you $100. You need a passport photo and can pay in almost any currency but prices will vary based on the USD exchange rate.


Being with my husband meant that I had no issues with safety as a female, although the attitude to females outside the main tourist areas still has a long way to go. Solo female traveler should try to find a buddy if you plan on leaving the main tourist route or have any trekking planned.

Dress Code:

While there are no rules regarding dress codes in temples etc, it’s still best to remain fairly covered when walking around the city’s. (For reasons mentioned above, the attitude to women is even worse if your in a pair of hot pants, I stuck to leggings almost all of the time. (Your fine in shorts in Pokhara during peak tourist season.)


We didn’t get any special vaccinations for Nepal and malaria medication is only required along the Indian border.


The currency in Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee, most places only accept cash and ATMs can be difficult to find outside of the cities. Exchange rates in March 2018 below:

£1 (GBP) = Rs148.70

$1 (USD) = Rs104.41

€1 (EUR) = Rs128.92

Our Itinerary:

We had a very relaxing time in Nepal, we spent most of our time in Pokhara with a few days either side in Kathmandu. I did really want to visit Chitwan to see the wild rhinos there, but the only affordable option was to ride on the back of an elephant, which I would never do so we skipped it all together. If you have a bigger budget there are jeep tours available.

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