Andong – South Korea

Andong has been put into the tourism map due to its proximity to the UNESCO Hahoe Cultural Village (the best and most authentic heritage village in all of South Korea). But Andong itself is a cute little town worth spending a day exploring.

We had a tight schedule and didn’t get to spend as long as I would have liked there but be sure to check out the tourist information centre next to the train station for a free map and list of attractions in the area.

Hahoe Village:

The village is open every day for visitors to explore, though not every building is accessible to the public as people still live in the village. Entrance costs 5,000₩ per person.

Be sure to stop at the visitor information booth next to the ticket office for a map of the village and a timetable for buses returning to Andong.

With your ticket you are also granted free entry to the traditional mask museum (next to the bus stop), it’s an interesting look at masks from all over the world.

There is a performance in the village amphitheater every day from 2pm, currently a mask dance show though the show changes now and then.

A boat ride over the river costs and extra 4,000₩ per person, from there you can climb the hill and be rewarded with an aerial view over the village.

Getting There (Hahoe Village):

The number 246 bus from Andong takes just under an hour and leaves from opposite the train station, a 1 way ticket costs 1,300₩.

If you can’t find the bus stop, go to the tourist information centre right next to the train station and they will point you in the right direction.

Getting There (Andong):

From Seoul Station we took a high speed train to Dongdagu (1hr 40min) then transferred to a normal train to get to Andong (1hr 50min), we booked tickets at the station the day before and paid 42,500₩ each.

There are 3 direct trains from Andong to Busan each day, it takes 3hr 30min and cost us 30,000₩ each when booked at the station the day before.

Also, the train station has free lockers for the public to use, easily big enough to fit in both our backpacks.

Where To Eat:

We weren’t cultured at all in Andong and ordered a pizza from the Home Plus supermarket, it wasn’t very good either. After dinner we went for a walk

Where To Stay:

The Queen Motel is absolutely perfect, we only booked because it was one of the cheapest hotels in the area but we loved it. The rooms were big and clean, showers were hot and powerful. The wifi was great and there is 24 hour snacks available, all free of charge.

The hotel is about 5 minutes walk to the train station and about 3 minutes walk to the bus stop for the Hahoe Cultural Village. The motel costs £23 per night on

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