Jeju Island – South Korea

Jeju Island is a popular holiday destination for Koreans as well as foreigners, it’s host to some of the best beaches, greenest country side and most dramatic landscapes. The island is a paradise for outdoor lovers.

Things To Do:

Hamdeok Beach is the Maldives of Korea, the sand is white and soft and the sea is the most amazing shade of blue. You can get there on the 101 bus which comes every 30 minuets.

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is on the east coast of the island, it’s an old cone shape volcano right on he coast line, visitors can hike to the top for 2,000₩ each and it takes roughly 30 minuets to walk. The base of the volcano is also the perfect place to spot the famous diving ladies of Jeju. You can take the 101, 110-1 or 110-2 bus to the Seongsan entrance then walk about 20 minuets. You’ll know your going the right way because you can see it.

Seogwipo has two incredible waterfalls within walking distance to each other. Chenjiyeon falls runs into a fresh water river and is surrounded by beautiful greenery, entrance is 2,000w each. Jeongbang falls runs directly into the ocean and is surrounded by dramatic cliffs, entrance is also 2,000₩. To get to both falls take the 181 or 101 bus to Seogwipo registration office.

Mt Hallasan is the highest peak on Jeju and can be seen from almost anywhere on the island, to get to the top there are various trails with the Seongpanak trail being the most popular, it’s around an 8 hour round trip and fairly slippery in the rain. There are strict rules about hiking after dark and the last section of the trail is closed from 1pm onwards. We got there at 13:10 and didn’t get to finish the trail, though I wasn’t too disappointed, it was so foggy that we probably wouldn’t have had a great view anyway, plus my legs were killing me by then.

Where To Eat:

We only had 1 proper meal in Jeju, the rest of the time we ate out of convenience stores (800₩ for a hot ramen, you can’t go wrong!) and bought food from the supermarket.

If your in Hamdeok Beach then 307 burger is a must, it’s chicken and Tabasco burger is to die for and they do a really nice shrimp and wasabi one too.

Getting Around:

From Jeju International airport there are regular buses to anywhere on the island. Red busses are express routes and cost 3,000₩ per person, they are the only ones with luggage storage and they have really good free WiFi. The blue buses stop at every stop but only cost 1,200₩ per person.

Where To Stay:

We stayed at Hamdeok Beach, it’s a small town with a few good restaurants and a supermarket, the area is very popular with tourists and there are loads of hotels to chose from. Our hotel was called the Beachstory and was about 1 minute walk to the beach, we had an amazing sea view from our room.

The rooms were big and cleaned daily, breakfast was toast and coffee (standard for Korea) and the WiFi was great. We paid £28 per night on

If your not a beach bum like us then the town of Seogwipo is perfectly located for getting around but it doesn’t have a beach.

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