Cost & Essential Information – South Korea

This tiny little speck of land which is still technically at war has so much to offer, it’s a beautiful country rich with history and culture.


South Korea has the potential to be a very expensive place to travel, though by using up some of our points and eating mainly from supermarkets we managed to stick to our budget and spent £68 per day. (800₩ for a hot ramen in Family Mart!)


UK passport holders can currently enter South Korea without a visa for up to 90 days free of charge.


At the time of writing you don’t need any vacations or malaria medication for South Korea.


I was surprised just how many Koreans speak almost perfect English, you won’t have any issues at all with a language barrier in South Korea.

Getting Around:

South Korea is a tiny country, pair this with its high speed rail network and you can be anywhere on the mainland within no time. We didn’t bother booking tickets online, if the train is fully booked when you get to the station you can buy a ‘standing’ ticket instead.

There is a ferry network to get to the islands but it was actually cheaper to fly to Jeju.


South Korea is the fist place I’ve had trouble using my MasterCard, I tried 5 different ATM brands and only the Woori Bank worked, I’ve put a photo of the banks logo below. The currency is referred to as Won and exchange rates in June 2018 are below:

£1 (GBP) = 1,428₩

$1 (USD) = 1,071₩

€1 (EUR) = 1,250₩


We spent a total of 17 nights in South Korea, our first 5 nights in The capital city Seoul, then 1 night at the historical town of Andong on our way to South Korea’s second biggest city (and our favourite) Busan for 5 nights. Then we flew to the paradise island of Jeju for 5 before returning to Busan for 1 more night.

Hope this was all useful.



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