Yokohama – Japan

Less than 30 minutes from Tokyo, Yokohama is known for its stunning skyline and neon lights. It’s becoming a popular location for city workers comuting into Tokyo daily and its waterfront continues to draw in visitors. Yokohama is certainly on the rise.

Things To Do:

For the best iconic shots of the Yokohama skyline, visit the Osanbashi Pier, the views are wonderfull both day and night. On a weekend there is a food market on the south side of the pier, fill up on free samples before deciding what to buy.

Cosmo World, is home to the famous giant ferris wheel (costs ¥800), you pay for the rides individually and entrance to the park is free.

The customs museum is more interesting than it sounds, its full of fake and real goods that have been ceased at customs, can you spot the difference? Entrace is free.

For an arial view of Yokohama, visit the landmark tower, we didn’t go in but we saw that it costs ¥1,000 and there was no waiting line when we visited.

The red brick warehouse looks more at home in the UK than in Japan, it’s a wonderful example of how buildings can be re-invented, now a mall for handcrafted souvenirs and local cafes.

Where To Eat:

The Herbal Kitchen is traditional Nepali food, it was delicious and very reasonably priced.

The World Porters Mall has a huge food court on the ground floor with low cost options.

For something a bit different, design your own cup of noodles at the cup noodle museum, entrance ¥500 plus ¥300 for your own invention.

Where To Stay:

The Apa hotel is a popular chain in Japan, you guaranteed good standards and city centre locations. We paid £40/night for a small double room with a private bathroom and a buffet breakfast during a flash sale (usual price £65/night) on

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