Katsuta – Japan

We found this by chance but I’m so glad we had time to visit Katsuta, it’s a beautiful little seaside town with lots to offer. If I ever had to live in Japan, this is where I’d want to be.

Things To Do:

The main attraction is the Hitachi seaside park, it’s a little outside of town (1 hr 15 minutes on a bike or 15 minutes on the bus – take number 2 from the train station direct to the park) and entrance costs ¥450 each. There is a small theme park in one corner of the park, rides cost extra, we paid ¥600 for the roller-coaster. The park is closed on Mondays so plan your visit accordingly, it’s also different at different times of the year, we were unlucky a visited during a week when there were no flowers because the ground crew were busy changing the displays. They have a yearly schedule for this on their website. There’s a fun fair inside the park, rides cost extra.

The beach at Katsuta was undergoing development work during our visit, it’s got a cycle track and a few cute restaurants along the sea front.

We passed a massive shopping mall on the bus back to town which could have been a good option if it was still raining.

Where To Eat:

There are lots of restaurant options around the train station, but we liked to eat out of supermarkets in Japan and the best one we found in the whole country is on google maps as York Benimaru.

Where To Stay:

There is less budget accommodation in Katsuta, we paid £57/night including breakfast at the crystal palace hotel, it was absolutely stunning, the hotel has a spa, free bike rental and a free pickup service, they even dropped us off at the park one day. We had a free evening meal the day we checked in, but I’m not sure if that’s a standard thing or if they noticed that it was my birthday when they scanned my passport.

Getting There:

The express train from Tokyo station to Katsuta station takes just 87 minues and is covered on the JR pass.

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