Hi, I’m Ashleigh and I’ll be doing most of the writing on our blog. We met in 2008 and have a mutual love for traveling. Between us we have travelled 5 continents and in 2016 alone we managed to fit in 11 trips abroad while working full time.
We both had good careers back in the UK, which funded a more luxurious style of traveling. But early 2017 we made the scary decision to leave the security of well paid jobs and try the backpacking lifestyle for a year or so. (AKA, until the money runs out.)

In this blog we want to provide practical tips and information for you to be able to plan your own amazing trip. I will go into detail about prices and how to get around, as well as plenty of inspiration to get your ready for that lifelong dream. Most of the posts will be from our backpacking trip, but there will be a few in there from when we actually had money to spend.

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Ashleigh and Sean xx