Mini tour of Italy 

I’m heading to Milan with the girls in a few days’ time and it got me thinking about an amazing trip I took to Italy with Sean last year, we saw so much in just 9 days, it was before my blogging days but I still wanted to write a quick summary of our trip.

There isn’t any daily flights from Newcastle to Rome and we couldn’t change our time off work to suit EasyJet’s timetable, which ended up as a blessing, it inspired a mini tour of North West Italy because we had to fly into Pisa and out of Rome.

We were there the first week in May and we were really lucky with the weather. This was our itinerary:

First stop Pisa, landing at lunchtime and leaving the next afternoon, 24 hours really was the perfect amount of time to stay here. We stayed at the Hotel Terminus and Plaza because of how close it was to the train station and it was walking distance to everything else. The taxi to our city centre hotel cost only €8, or if you’re really tight on budget you can take a train.

I pre-booked tickets online to claim to the top of the famous leaning tower (It was really busy so I recommend booking online before you go), we were given a dedicated time slot so didn’t need to wait in line. You do need to leave all bags in a locker at the foot of the tower for security reasons, which we didn’t mind, better safe than sorry!


Other than the tower and the main square, we basically wandered from Gelato shop to Gelato shop!

We took a 45 minute train journey to La Spezia, (all train tickets booked on the app) where we spent 4 nights bed and breakfast at the Affittacamere La Loggia De Banchi hotel. Honestly, I only chose to stay in La Spezia because the hotels in nearby Cinque Terre were so expensive, and I’m so glad we did stay here, it’s the most beautiful place I have ever been, the landscapes aren’t quite as dramatic at its neighbours but it’s the only place I could ever imagine us actually living.

We took two day trips to the Cinque Terre, only about 15 minutes on the train which runs frequently throughout the day. If you haven’t heard of the Cinque Terre before, it’s basically 5 small villages built along the coastline, they are all connected by hiking trails of various lengths and fitness levels. The villages are adorable and traditionally Italian, and the trails offer some of the best scenery in the world. A quick google search will give you hundreds of reviews and more in depth itineraries.

 We also took a day trip to the town of Portovenere, there is an hourly boat from the main harbour at La Spezia, return tickets were €20/pp, and takes around 30-40 minutes. The castle ruins are the perfect place to take photographs and the whole town has a really relaxed feeling. We missed two boats back to La Spezia sitting outside drinking the classic Aperol Spritz.


From La Spezia there was a 3 hour train journey to Rome, where we stayed at the Hotel Terminal for 3 nights, we spent the first night getting intentionally lost and people watching. The rest of our time was taken up with all the history stuff, I was in my absolute element learning as much as I could.


Sean discovered Suppli (deep fried pasta and tomato with cheese in a breadcrumb coating) for the first time, and ate it every chance we got in Rome, the best was at I Suppli on Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, it was abit out the way but had been recommended to us and was well worth the walk.

We took the train back to the airport and both agreed that Italy was one of our top 5 trips ever!

Thanks for reading xx

PS. More posts with a lot more detail on my upcoming trip to Milan and Venice coming soon.