My Asia Bucket List 

With just a few days to go until our 1 year adventure, I’m most looking forward to spending 365 days alone with my perfect husband. But there are a few other things I’m looking forward to.

My dad bought me this massive wall map as soon as I told him that we were thinking of going long tern traveling. We’ve spent the past 6 months on Pinterest planning where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see.

A few day ago my friend asked me what my bucket list was. So, I thought I’d write down everything I want to do over the next year so that I don’t forget anything. Plus it will be fun to tick them off the list as we go!

1. Swim with turtles in the wild – Maldives

2. Release a baby turtles into the wild – Malaysia

3. See elephants in the wild – Sri Lanka

4. Hike along a section of the Great Wall – China

5. Attend a tea ceremony – Japan

6. See the Taj Mahal – India

7. See Everest (just see it, have no intention of climbing it ☺️) – Nepal

8. Sleep on the beach at least once – Wherever

9. Try food I’ve never even heard off – Everywhere

10. See a Komodo Dragon in the wild – Komodo Island

11. See an Orangutan in the wild – Borneo

12. Climb Adams Peak to watch the sun rise – Sri Lanka

13. See some bioluminescent plankton – Vietnam

14. See Pandas – China

15. Do yoga – Bali  

16. Get rid of my office butt and get really fit 😉 – Everywhere

I already feel like the luckiest girl on the planet, hopefully we can do as many of these things as possible, but even if we don’t, it’s going to be the greatest year ever.